Boy - 11 years, Gladstone area   – Reading Program - December 2016

My son is doing amazingly at high school. He is about to go into exam week with confidence. Since doing the Davis program late last year his confidence keeps growing each term . He has some amazing teachers who are helping him keep on track and “on point”. His marks have improved and he is willing, happy and confident to try different things . Overall, the Davis program has been very successful for him and I would recommend it 100%. Thanks Anne for your help.


Boy - 18 years, Toowoomba area   – Reading Program - March 2016

Our son did this work with you after he had finished grade 12. I so wish we had found out about you prior to this, maybe before high school started. I was devastated when he started grade 1, I knew things were not working. In high school he was enrolled as an SEP student and it broke my heart.

He did your course and I was concerned about throwing money on something that couldn’t be fixed. I was concerned about his self-esteem being impacted as a disabled child. I was wrong. It was a great investment and I have seen many changes in our son.

He was resistant to the activities at home, and at the age of 18 plus it was hard to keep him motivated to do just a few at a time. I have noticed that his reading and spelling and writing have all improved more in the 12 months since your course than in all the time before. He can locate words he can’t spell in a text, copy and paste them into his writing for assignments. His ability to identify patterns in words has grown. He asked me how to spell ‘babies’ from ‘baby’, and then said it would be the same for ‘lady’ to ‘ladies’. He was confirming his suspicions on that spelling and he was right.

The story/graphic novel/episodes he is writing on superhero Spiderman has improved. I can read two of three sentences with one spelling error, maybe two now. Previously it was so hard to decipher. He still bitterly complains about stupid English spelling rules but it is more good natured now. It used to be very frustrating for him, how he has tools that he can use.

The report you supplied was helpful in working with the TAFE. They could not understand that while our son has a VIQ and PIQ in the normal range, his processing speed and working memory place him the disabled range. Showing them the results of your work helped them to understand that he learns differently to others, is smart in his own way.

I have also noticed a personal change in him. He comments on the way the light hits the road on a drizzly afternoon, the sunset colours, the changing leaves in autumn, the shadows on the road at dusk. His eye and brain are focussed on things differently to ours, the artistic part of him is more apparent now.

He is continuing to learn and grow, and doing better than he was before. My only regret is that this course is so far from Toowoomba, and that we only found it so late in his life. If this was made available in schools everywhere I feel there would be so much more done for dyslexic children. Are there other people like you around, can we spread the word?


Adult - 40+ years, NSW   – Reading Program - March 2010

When I came to you I was trying to understand muscle names for the Equine Body Worker course I had attended so I could finish the final assessment. Your help through the Davis Correction Program gave me the tools I needed to get a very pleasing result. I then continued my studies with a Saddle fitting, Shoeing Dynamics and Human Massage Courses - these I also passed. The clay work I found very helpful and I spent a lot of time making the muscles and spelling out the names. But the checking that I was on point and bringing my focus back to the words helped me get through the confusion.

Happy Customer

Boy - 8 years, Sunshine Coast   – Reading Program - Did course in grade 3 (December 2012), testimonial from when in grade 8 - 5 years later

We first met at the end of December 2012 when my son was in grade 3 and was struggling to read and write. After having been introduced by you to Ronald Davis Learning strategies we began slowly noticing a great step forward. A huge step… I embraced these strategies and read and learnt all that I possibly could in order to turn his life around. Those long hours working with clay really paid off and with every strategy in place, I can now proudly say... He is reading normally at year 8 level. He enjoys reading and his interests never cease, covering very interesting and unique topics.


Girl - 11 years, Sunshine Coast Reading Program - Did course in grade 6 (2012), currently in grade 11.

My daughter turned 16 yesterday and is quite the confident young lady. She is in mainstream (small private school) and currently doing year 11. She is planning a career in film/media. She will go to university and is on track for that goal. My daughter has chosen a non OP study direction and has almost completed a cert IV at TAFE (couple of weeks to go). She is doing OP English AND is passing!


Boy - 8 years, Gympie area Reading Program - July 2014

My son and I came to you in 2014 when he was in year 3. Doing the Davis Dyslexia program with you was like a ‘miracle’ happening. It was most definitely the best decision we made for our son. It was extremely hard work once we got home and started our ‘at home’ program, however we pushed through the tantrums, tears and constant fighting (that is him, me and dad) and worked together to get it done. Once he could see the benefits himself and started to see himself learning and improving he was more willing to participate. I even had him helping me educate some of our learning support staff at school on what to do when helping struggling readers read. Some of the teachers’ aides did ‘spell reading’ with other students as well as my son. My son became a teacher and I taught him to educate his teachers and others about the ‘gift’ of dyslexia. His year 5 and 6 teacher has been amazing and he is enjoying school again. He is quite popular with his peers and enjoys coming to school again.

Mother and teacher

Girl - 9 years, Sunshine Coast   – Attention Mastery Program and some Maths - January 2015

My daughter is improving every day. She does her fine tuning and we do Koosh ball exercises every morning before school. She has been able to stay on point and focused 99% of the time. I was asking her every day when I picked her up if she had to use her tools and it was only last week that she told me that she realised she was staring off into nothing so she quickly got back on point and got back into her work and was able to finish everything for the lesson. She said she distracted herself from being distracted. I asked her how that made her feel and she said “really happy” and she was proud of herself, which was lovely to hear.

She has been using her MAB blocks for maths at home and during class. The teacher said that she told the whole class that she has dyslexia and she wasn't embarrassed or upset by it and that all the other kids were curious about what that meant so M.... explained it to them. Her teacher also said that she is asking for clarification straightaway on anything she doesn’t understand so that’s great too.

She got a Personal Best Award for Maths a couple of weeks ago and she was so excited to tell me about it when I picked her up. And now she is starting to think that Maths is fun which is a 100% turnaround from last year. She also got a Merit Award on Assembly last week for persistence with using her new tools at school which was very exciting for her. She was so happy and proud when she got up to accept her award - I had tears in my eyes.

We have been discussing and using the dial settings a lot. I am finding that M…. goes to sleep much quicker and without any fuss every night which is a lovely change from before. She reads every night for at least 20 mins (this is also part of her homework) just before she goes to sleep which is very relaxing for her. I am finding that her behaviour in general is a lot more settled and she doesn’t hardly ever have those times where just starts behaving silly or crazy for no reason.

Thank you again for all you have taught M….. Our lives have all become so much happier and so much more settled since she came to see you Anne. She is just a completely different child who is now loving school and can’t wait to get there every day. And now that she has the tools to help, she is understanding so much more and getting much better results with everything and she is enjoying the learning process. She has so much to tell me at the end of every day now and she sounds so excited when she’s telling me. It’s such a lovely thing to see your child so happy. Her behaviour in general is just so much more settled and she is listening to me when I am asking her to do things - and most times I only have to ask once ! We can’t thank you enough for the changes you’ve made to our lives, Anne.


Girl - 10 years, Gladstone area – February 2015

We had our first parent-teacher interview since the program last week and it has been all positive with her teacher and teacher-aides commenting on how more confident she is and her sentences are beginning to take shape and she is now able to write sentences that make sense, with minimal mistakes. Her teacher is very impressed and is willing to read the book “The Gift of Dyslexia” and to help her to continue with her progress. Her spelling has already started to improve.


Boy - 8 years, Gympie area – Reading Program – July 2014

A….. is very excited. He is reading PM Level 15/16 now (instead of Level 5). His spelling has improved and he reads things without realising.
Very exciting!


Boy - (from Sunshine Coast area) - Sept 2013

Hi Anne,

I'm sorry that I haven't been in contact for so long. Mostly because I have so much to tell you I don't know where to start.

But I can tell you that A... had, I think, the best 4 weeks at school after we saw you that he has had in the last 4 years, Amazing! A... went back to school with a 'new head on his shoulders'. He has become one of the 'sensible kids' as he says and 'self managed' as the teacher has put it. COMPLETELY ignoring ALL of the distractions and ' silly' kids who have relentlessly tried to get his attention and even been in tears when A... has refused to be a part of the silly behaviour in class. And it seems that the whole class has benefited with the silly boys trying harder and some of the more studious girls commenting on A...'s new behaviour and enjoying the helpfulness that he is bringing to the classroom.

His teachers are extremely happy and it is just about the first time this year that A.. has not only had his name removed from the 'naughty' list on the board but he is also getting awards, rewards, acknowledgment for his efforts and behaviour and endless encouragement from all.

He has also been much more settled at home.

As for his school work he completed a particular class project so well that he was chosen to present it in front of a year 1 class with a handful of other students from his class. He is finishing his work on time therefore making it to the carpet with the others and he is now quite neatly writing cursive which he has not been able to do before. He is also attempting a lot more writing tasks.

We have done a lot of the Davis homework but mostly chose to do the words that A... was having trouble with at the time. We have been a bit slack during the school holidays but I plan to tackle a few words at a time with him on a couple of occasions in the break.

I am so happy that we came to see you as you have made a huge difference to how A... can manage his behaviour and attention at school. He has now had the chance to see that he is capable and that he will be rewarded for his effort. That was the biggest challenge for him, myself and the teachers to get him to focus and now it is a matter of helping him with his learning and of course I believe that the Davis symbol mastery will help with that.

I am so grateful and I know A... is too.

Thankyou, I am really looking forward to the next time we meet.

Love Mum of A


Boy – Year 7 (12:8 years old) (from Maryborough) - September 2013

It has been six months since I did the Davis Program. I have recently got my report card for the end of Semester 1, 2013 and I am pleased to see that my English grading has climbed from an E to a C. I now find that I read better and it’s easier to do my schoolwork when I read better. My Davis tools have helped me to focus better and listen intently during lessons. I am remembering the words I’ve mastered in clay too. When I focus, my thoughts are clear and I can write them down well. I like using the Davis tools and now I have a goal to be a mechanical engineer in the future.


Boy - Year 4 (9 years)  (from Mackay) - May 2013

D... has shown amazing progress in his reading. He can actually read Tolkein without too many mistakes.! He is showing never-ending learning interests but of course still struggles with shoelaces and fine motor skills. He enjoys the use of the dictionary and often makes me laugh when he says it’s not accurate enough! His spelling has improved greatly as well. Thank you always, S..

Girl - Year 2 (7:4 years) (from Gladstone)  - Davis Young Learner Program  - January 2012

A…’s reaction to the Davis Program was one of immediate enthusiasm for learning as she practised using her new Davis “tools” and strategies. This in turn increased her confidence. A… automatically uses the Davis “tools” in everyday life as well as in her learning times. It was a relief to have a clear path of learning, a constructive and supportive program to follow.”

Boy - Year 5  (11:4 years) (from Toowoomba) - Davis Program - June 2011

“The school is great and is working with J… doing the Sweep-sweep-spell for 2 blocks of 10 minutes per day. He is doing his mastery words easily and retaining them. Everyone is noticing that he reads a lot easier now and is able to work out many new words a lot more easily than before. The school has noticed a huge change in his attitude to school work and it is all positive. “

Girl - Year 2 (7:5 years) (from Laidley area) - Davis Young Learner Program - April 2011

“Hi, Anne. I wanted to share with you what L…’s teachers said at last week's parent-teacher interview. She has now gone up another two reading levels after going up one level not long before the holidays. She is powering along with revision of year one maths, well ahead of the other 3 in her group that need revision. They have noticed improvement in her comprehension and that she is enjoying school more now.”

Girl - Year 1 (6:6 years) (from Toowoomba area) - Davis Young Learner Program - December 2010

December 2010
“Hi, Anne, Just thought you'd like to know that on Friday L… sat her first test for her sight words for this year and out of 10 year one students L… was the ONLY one to pass the sight words test!!! She was VERY proud of herself. Some of the Prep children who were at school with her that, last year according to L…, knew "everything", didn't pass. She will receive a certificate on parade at the end of this week which she doesn't know about yet. Some of the first words out of L…'s mouth on Friday were "It was all worth it Mum". When I asked her what she meant she said she meant all the work we had to do when she should have been on holidays was worth it.

THANK YOU for all your help!!!! Just to see the confidence my daughter has gained....even just from passing that small test on Friday.... is amazing!

Happy mum”

June 2011
L… is now reading at Level 13; she was Level 5 before we came to you. I am thrilled with this.

January 2012
“L…’s report card at the end of last year was very good for her and she is continuing to improve and enjoy school.”

Girl - Year 6 (10:3 years) (from north of Brisbane ) Davis Program - February 2010

April 2010
I was quite surprised at how well K… is reading now. She uses the punctuation very well and checks her orientation if she arrives at a trigger point. She is confident with the dictionary as well and keeps trying to explain it to her brother.

January 2011
“Hi, Anne,
We have scanned our daughter’s Yr. 6 report so you can see for yourself what her achievements have been. We are impressed that she has received an outstanding progress award for the student who has made the best improvements over the year in her class. Thank you for all your help along the way with the Davis Program.
Happy Mum and Dad.”
(This student is now achieving C standards for both English and Maths at her year level.)

December 2011
“Hello Anne,
As very proud parents we would like to share the success story of K… As you can see below she received one of the greatest awards, “ Principal’s Citizenship Award”, at E… State School for her achievements. Attached is her latest school report and you can see why. We would like to thank you again for the great work you did for K….”
NOTE: All the subjects that K… did this year showed A and B standards for achievement which is a great feat. Her English achievement before she did her Davis Reading Program was D.

Girl - October 2012
“K… is now in Year 8. The combination of all the “tools” and strategies of the Davis Program make this a big success. K… has so much improved with her learning; she has more confidence and she enjoys going to school and learning new subjects. Her marks on the last two report cards were A’s and B’s and we couldn’t be happier. So we can say that the Davis Program has had a very positive influence on her life.
K…’s attitude towards her learning has changed because she saw the positive changes herself. She knew she could do it. I think that made her dealing with stress much better. She is so much happier with herself and all the work pays off.”

Boy - Year 7 (12:10 years) (from Gympie area) - Davis Program - January 2010

“(now in Year 10) M… no longer gets D’s for English. He experiences continued self-confidence in his ability to read. He has been reassured that he is an intelligent person and just needs to use what he has learnt through his Davis Program to achieve great results. After the program he was much more relaxed. The skills he learned made school easier to manage; the skills he learned were life changing. Unfortunately in our time-starved society, he can still become overwhelmed; but when he is able to take his time and apply himself fully, the results are outstanding.” NOTE: Results for all of M…’s subjects are now B’s and C’s.

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